President Seth Doup, Sec/Treasurer Beth Miller & V.P.
Steve Welsh.
Vice President Steve Welsh, current President Seth Doup, and outgoing President Carmon Wilson.
Outgoing President Carmon Wilson giving his farewell speech.
Carmon Wilson accepting the honorary Presidential plaque.
Vice President Steve Welsh & current President Seth Doup making an announcement regarding future plans for 2011.
 Seth Doup facilitating his first meeting as President.
 Vice President Steve Welsh addresses the crowd.
 President Seth Doup brings the meeting to order.
 Fred Grant of Old Republic and Dick Jones of
 Berkley enjoy the wine tasting
 Kim Wells [Nationwide], Beth Miller [Nationwide] and Don Zalk [CCI Surety].
Mike Kuper [Nationwide], John McClellan [NAS Surety], Doug Rozenboom [McGladrey] , and Greg Lister [Nationwide].
 A Merchants trio enjoying a laugh
 From L-R; Kim Wells, John Bednarz, Seth Cary,
 and Grant Goodenow
 Kim Wells of Nationwide listens to a Surety
 joke from John Bednarz of IMT
Don Zalk [CCI Surety], Spencer Paris [Nationwide], Tim Foreman [Merchants] & Jeff Cose [Nationwide].
Current Vice President Steve Welsh [Berkley Surety Group] & President Seth Doup [Merchants].
 John McClennan of NAS welcomes Ben Herman
 of EMC to Iowa.
Grant Goodenow [Nationwide] and Don Zalk [CCI Surety].
  Mark Keairnes of LMC and Steve Welsh of
  Berkley talk shop
Don Zalk [CCI Surety], Spencer Paris [Nationwide], Tim Foreman [Merchants] & Jeff Cose [Nationwide].
S D,
May 1, 2012, 1:25 PM